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  • Small business owner?
  • Sole trader?
  • Are you the person who the business buck stops with?


Being the CEO of your own business can be a lonely and directionless place at times; you may well have been successfully running your business for years, but have you ever doubted where your business journey is actually taking you?

If the answer to that question is YES, then this home study course is for you.

Broken down into manageable bite-sized chunks, this course fits perfectly around running the business you love and spending time with family you love.

It will give you a kick-start and the boost your business needs; taking you back to basics to get you really thinking about your business, your life and what you want to achieve.

Do you wish you could:


Increase your productivity

Set realistic goals

Win more clients

Become a great marketer

 Plan defined next steps?


Well you can!  This course has been carefully and specifically developed for you, the kitchen table CEO.  As someone who runs their own business from the kitchen table, I know all too well the highs and lows of running a business and by working through the following modules with me, you will see the results.


Based on tried and tested workshops and 1-2-1 sessions with my clients, I am passionate about helping more women succeed in business by giving you these invaluable business tools.


This course is made up of four modules and five steps. The modules are:

Visionmake your dream come true

Your dreams are the starting block for your business.  Creating a strong, clear vision of the business and life you want is the first step to moving your business forward.  Where do you see yourself in 5, 10 or 15 years’ time?  A strong vision will provide you with direction – understand why you do what you do and then you can work on how to get what you want.



Once your vision is clear in your mind, you can start the next step of planning how you can turn those dreams into a reality.  It’s time to look at creating your goals and making your plan of action.  Together, we will create a draft action plan for the next 12 months and start with a one-month plan that will get your business moving.


Blocks and boundaries

So how do we make sure you implement your goals?  There are several strategies we can try to make sure that they happen.  Here you will learn about potential blocks and boundaries and focus on how to move them out of your way.



Do you really understand what marketing is all about? Here we will look at marketing in a more in-depth way and plan how to really incorporate it into your business.  Together we will create a successful and manageable marketing plan.



Working at your own pace you will find that by the end of this course you will:


Get CLARITY by becoming visionary; discover what you really want

Move FORWARD by creating goals which you can actually implement, develop your step-by-step plan to success and predict barriers to your progress and develop strategies to remove them

Increase CONFIDENCE and watch yourself develop and grow, feel empowered to make decisions and get motivated to make change happen!



So what you do get for your £197 business bucks in this course?

  • Videos and slides to talk you through the work
  • Detailed workbooks with each module
  • A Private Facebook group forum where you can work with other course attendees and ask me questions.

Together we can make your business thrive




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About Yvette

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI’m Yvette Ankrah, director of Ankrah Associates. I am a marketing mentor, your cheerleader in chief and passionate about supporting women in business.

I work with women that run their micro and small businesses from the kitchen table.

I support businesses using my four pillar method –CLARITY, FOCUS, STRATEGY, and ACCOUNTABILITY.

I’ve worked in marketing for nearly 20 years and supported businesses of all shapes and sizes, but I love working with women in business who want to make a difference and are passionate about what they do.   I run the Mumpreneurs Networking Club Harlow and Epping and am a mum to very fun and boisterous little boy.



Working with Yvette Ankrah was extremely helpful in helping with the planning, structuring and execution of my first presentation and networking event under my own business banner.

Being an event that was one of the first for Silk Solutions I was very nervous so it was great having the calm and focused support of Yvette. I happily would suggest Ankrah Associates as a beneficial company to help guide the new and not so new business owner!
~Elvina Quaison – Director, Silk Solutions


Thank you for our meeting yesterday I was very impressed with the business schedule you planned out for me and the useful tips we discussed into improving my website, data analysis and targeting the market area best for my business and how to manage time weekly for my business planning!!

I really appreciate the time you have taken to look at my business and help me improve for the future!
~Sarah Samson- owner Sarahsbeauty


I just wanted to say thank you for a great marketing-strategising meeting today. You really got what our industry (tourism) is about and succinctly communicated our business’s strengths and weaknesses creating an easy-to-understand plan of action to improve on the areas that need work and to make the most of our assets.

It’s given me such food for thought beyond just marketing and I am reassured by the work agenda we have set out for the next few months – ‘We achieve the great task buy a series of small acts’… I will be working on this as of today.

Your focus on empowering the people you work with is particularly good for me as I need a bit of a confidence boost, this entrepreneurial stuff is scary!

~Laura Hely Hutchinson – Chalet Beaumont


After leaving my session with Yvette I came away very clear on exactly how much I needed to grow my business by, within what timescale, and how best to do this.

I am subsequently reviewing all my marketing on her advice and am now fully focussed on where I am heading and how I will be achieving this. I would highly recommend talking to Yvette”.

~Joanne O’Riordan CJ Secretarial Solutions


Working with Yvette from Ankrah Associates has made a huge difference to my business in just 3 months. I have become much more focussed and analytical about what I do, why I am doing it and what I need to get out of it.

This is instead of chasing lots of ideas at the same time and not following up or completing them. I now have a marketing plan that will enable me to continue growing my business and I look forward to working more with Yvette in the future.

I would highly recommend this service to anyone who has their own business.

~Nikki Robinson –


I spent about 3 hours with Yvette to look at how I could move my business forward in 2014. After discussion it turned out that we needed to look at everything but my working life!

I really needed to organise my family and home life first because disorganisation there was impacting elsewhere. The suggestions that Yvette gave me have made a massive difference in all aspects of my life.

Firstly, she made me stop and think about what I really wanted. Then slow down and see where I could make little changes to make my life simpler and easier. The best tip has been to spend one hour out of the house at the weekend, without the family, using the time to plan the coming weeks. I can then start the new week feeling prepared and organised.

I now do this throughout the week too – have an hour in a cafe making calls and planning, and not being distracted by things that need to be done around the house. I am more focussed and far more efficient. Thanks Yvette!

~Emma Grounsell – Forever Living


“Yvette’s ability to help you articulate and clarify goals coupled with the flexibility to allow you to explore define and redefine your journey is not only productive but positive and inspiring.

I would recommend her services to anyone that needs a motivational push or is in a position where they are unclear what the next step to speed up the process of reaching your goals and make those steps more enjoyable and less daunting.”

~Be Manzini
Writer, Film-maker & workshop facilitator


“Working with Yvette has been great, she had given us common sense advice and shed light on other things we can do to grow our brand in the local area and assisted us in developing a robust marketing strategy.

It has also given us an insight on how we both work and how we can use our skills to grow the business”. ~J&H Recruitment